Integra NeuroSciences responds to the demands of the busy spinal surgeon with the Ruggles Spinal Retractor System, a uniquely constructed system combining two systems into one. Simplicity 

Acquire a gently used demonstrator model at a fraction of cost of a new system.

Great features of the Ruggles Flexi-Spine Retractor System are; a Removable Handle, detachable blade handles remove hands from the surgical site during retractor placement, providing better visualization for accurate retractor insertion, the retractor body moves easily onto the positioned blades, doing away with the difficulties of “ball snap” type attachments, it is angled to simplify soft tissue retraction and enhance visualization, aids in proper positioning of blades, easy-connect black anodized aluminum blades, slides easily onto retractor arm, diminishes glare, allows for intra-operative imaging with minimal interference, longer, and double-hinged retractor arms, conform to patient anatomy, allowing retractor body to lay flat

Versatility of the system; two styles of retractor body, longitudinal-most commonly used in anterior cervical procedures, transverse-can be used for both anterior cervical and micro-lumbar procedures, wide variety of blade styles and sizes, three different widths, and six different lengths in each of the three blades styles: fifty-four different pairs available, and six different lengths of hooks for posterior approaches. 

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